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About Us

Cilantro LLC was founded in 2015 by Sam and Eli, who fell in love with authentic Mediterranean cuisine during childhood years spent in Israel. As next-door neighbors, Sam and Eli would meet outside... on the steps and share samples of dishes they each created. On days when they wanted to explore, they would venture out to the old city for a taste of the long-standing culinary heritage. These experiences inspired them to want to share the unique flavors with people across the Atlantic. It wasn’t until they came to America when they met Ronen, and found another lover of Mediterranean cuisine who had the culinary expertise from working in this field for many years. After a few months of hard work and collaboration, Ronen became the mastermind behind Cilantro’s unique menu items.
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9351 Lakeside Blvd
Owings Mills MD, 21117
(410) 413-6596